Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ring around the Moon

This week has been a bit somber and after 3 days of The Daily Grind, I was ready for some stress relief. The rain we had again on Monday, followed by the cold temps, convinced me that the trail riding would be pretty sweet. I met up with the usual suspects Wednesday night for a Mountain bike ride at Mt. Agamenticus. It was cold, about 15 degrees but, no wind! Once you hit the woods you warm very quickly if properly dressed. This was just the case since we were soon shedding a layer or two. The snow on the trails was firm and fast with a lot of ice. I forgot my knee pads so I was a bit more cautious, not wanting to go down and take one in the knee cap. The group I was riding with has been on the ponds a lot this winter and I was eager to get out there for my first time this year. One of them will usually carry a short rope and a few carry some Ice fishing spikes in the event someone takes the plunge, so we all felt pretty good about getting out there. We hit upper Folly pond and rode the ice down to a nice spot we could check out the near full moon. It is pretty spectacular when you can ride on the ice, at night. The vast expanse of ponds on this side of the water district is amazing. It really allows you to get to a lot of different areas quicker than during the summer.

Oops someone got a flat!

You can see the eclipse starting in the picture above.

I estimate we rode about 10 miles or so. It was the ride of the winter for me since a couple of approaching snow storms may take a toll on the current stellar riding conditions. At this point, I want spring as much as anyone, but when I get in a ride like last night, it alleviates some of the pains of winter! Another thing that cures a bit of that is. Manny is now at spring training and the Red Sox hold their first full team workout of the year tomorrow. I hope they can find some room for both Crisp and Ellsbury. Both players are incredibly talented. Steph and I are trying to go to at least 4 games this year but, getting tickets is very difficult and expensive.

This weekend, I am taking an Avalanche Course with Chauvin Guides. The course is on Mount Washington. The first day is mostly classroom with a clinic on using avalanche beacons. Day two is in the field up in Tuckerman's Ravine. I am anxious to be on the mountain. I am hoping to find some solace in being back up there.

Saving the best for last but, I am happy to report that the Roy family is very relieved that their Pop Paul Roy is well on his way to recovering from his Heart surgery last week. After a few scary moments and some nail biting, he took a big turn for the better. He was reported to be smiling, joking around and walking the halls to get on his feet. Apparently, he may even be home tomorrow (Friday). Congratulations to you Paul Roy! We continue to send you prayers and healing vibes. Keep up the good work because I can smell the fresh air of the Allagash and anxiously await getting up there with you the Roy Boys for some R & R.

Thanks for reading and I'll have photos and a report on my Avalanche course and experience on the mountain next week.


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