Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So far this year my road bike miles have been minimal at best. Tonight I thought I would self inflict some pain upon myself by going on my first group road ride with the Wednesday night Euro Auto crew. This is the same shop where we have our cars serviced. Steph and I started riding with them back in 2001 and back then, there were about 6 of us pretty consistently. Doug and Kevin from the shop and then myself and or Steph and other friends/customers of Doug's. It was always a blast back then with the core riders. Progressively over a couple years time we got faster and faster usually ending up with a 19/20 mph average. Now the hammerheads are going 21/23 mph right from the start, and the group has grown to about 15 riders. I stayed at the front 5 or 6 for most of the ride to play it safe. I don't like being at the tail end of the group just in case there is a crash. I held up pretty well taking a few turns pulling at the front until about mile 20, then I dropped off hard and pedaled back to my car at the shop. I was probably only a few minutes behind the mid pack riders but, OUCH it a good way! I am doing some product testing on the new VDO Z3-PC link computer. This thing is pretty cool! I get speed, cadence, Heart rate, and altitude data that I can download to my PC and analyze as I continue to ride this season. More than what I care to know personally but, for potential customers buying these...and people who NEED to know this patient the computers will be shipping the first of June. Going back and looking at the data from this ride...My Heart rate was OFF the CHARTS!, about 175 bpm average, well above my target zone for 90% of the ride. My average speed for that 90% of the ride was about 22.5 and avg cadence was 86 rpm. Funny how you can ride along the coast and still get about 600ft of elevation gain from all the little hills and inclines along the way....I wanted to include a screen shot of the data but, I can't find a way to "save image as" and put it in this post....Until next time, thanks for reading!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sea Otter Classic

The Sea Otter Classic....What a great time! We travel 3000 miles to showcase our products and had great success hob knobbing with various Journo's and talking with consumers. Lennard Zinn stopped by our booth to check out the latest from Exposure Lights and took some photos of some limited edition lights we are offering. That pink camo light in the photo link on the right, is Steph's personal light and the black camo one is my personal light. As always, it was an honor to be in Lennard's presence since he is such an icon in the Bicycle Industry. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to meet him at his house while on a sales trip to Boulder, Colorado. At the time, we gave him a light to test and he did a great review. He now has one of the new generation of lights and we are looking forward to another review coming in the near future.

I took a stroll around the venue and stopped by Tara Llanes's booth near the Giant Bicycles rig. Steph and I used to watch Tara race Downhill and Dual Slalom at Mt. Snow back in the days when we were racing. She was always so fun to watch. Last September while racing in Colorado she suffered a horrific crash and is now paralyzed from the waist down. She has been on the road to recovery ever since. Her strength and determination is quite amazing. I just felt compelled to go over and say hello and wish her all the best. I walked away from her feeling very sad and realizing just how precious life is. I called Steph and told her about meeting Tara and I just could not hold back the tears. Tara was very grateful for my kind words and well wishes. She said every day she is getting stronger and stronger. If you feel like doing so, donate to her recovery fund.
I bought some Tara Balm (Lip Balm for Steph) and gave a small donation. It was not much but , it is not about that, it's about showing some love for good people.

While out on my walk I caught the tail end of the GT Bicycles Air show. Aussie Cameron White (pictured above) was doing some sick tricks. It was pretty incredible to watch.

At one point while on our Expo booth I caught a shot of the Cat in the Hat (pictured above) riding his tricked out bicycle. It was quite funny!

My final picture from Saturday was the Sunset from 17 Mile drive. I'm pretty sure we could live in California if we were not so attached to New England....What a great place to visit on vacation or business!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Coast to Coast

Big Sur Scenery

Welcome to California!
On Tuesday I dropped my car off at my European Auto Service for some repairs while I am out of town. I brought my bike with me and rode back home, it was about 12 miles with the few extensions I took along the way. I rode along the picturesque coast of New Hampshire making my way back into Maine. It is always a stellar ride!

Then Wednesday morning I flew to San Fran
cisco with my co-worker and employer James. We are in California for the annual Sea Otter Classic. This is the largest US consumer trade show for the Bicycle Industry, with also a bunch of bicycle racing. There are Road races, which actually take place on parts of the historic Laguna-Seca race track, Cross Country Mountain Bike, Down Hill, Dual Slalom and other various events. We (IBEX Sports) are launching the World Wide Release of the VDO Z-Series computers and showing off our fancy Exposure Lights among other products we distribute and sell in North America.

So last night after working so hard all day in the California Sun (ha ha!). We went down to Big Sur for dinner at Nepenthe restaurant. It was fantastic! I had a house salad with the freshest blue cheese I have ever tasted, the pheonix steak with garlic mashed potatoes. YUM!
The views from the deck of Nepenthe are amazing! It sits about 800ft above sea level and it literally drops right to the ocean from the deck. This was the sunset from last night.

Pacific Sunset!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finally 50+ Miles on the Bike!

This picture of Steph from a trip a couple of years ago to Acadia National Park.

Wow, it was a long Winter! Usually by this time of year I have more miles on my bike than this year. Steph and I got out today for a nice longish road ride! We did 26 miles in brutal wind at times...It was a great ride and nice to be getting back in the saddle. A great dinner is planned followed by a Red Sox & Yankees game later.... GO SOX!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spiral Ascension

In the picture above, taken in November 18th 2007. Todd Ringelberg is just steps away from the summit of Mt. Marcy in New York's Adirondack Mountains. Todd is climbing a different sort of mountain right now and I ask you, Friends, please say a quick prayer for him as he continues his road to freedom and self perseverance.