Friday, April 18, 2008

Coast to Coast

Big Sur Scenery

Welcome to California!
On Tuesday I dropped my car off at my European Auto Service for some repairs while I am out of town. I brought my bike with me and rode back home, it was about 12 miles with the few extensions I took along the way. I rode along the picturesque coast of New Hampshire making my way back into Maine. It is always a stellar ride!

Then Wednesday morning I flew to San Fran
cisco with my co-worker and employer James. We are in California for the annual Sea Otter Classic. This is the largest US consumer trade show for the Bicycle Industry, with also a bunch of bicycle racing. There are Road races, which actually take place on parts of the historic Laguna-Seca race track, Cross Country Mountain Bike, Down Hill, Dual Slalom and other various events. We (IBEX Sports) are launching the World Wide Release of the VDO Z-Series computers and showing off our fancy Exposure Lights among other products we distribute and sell in North America.

So last night after working so hard all day in the California Sun (ha ha!). We went down to Big Sur for dinner at Nepenthe restaurant. It was fantastic! I had a house salad with the freshest blue cheese I have ever tasted, the pheonix steak with garlic mashed potatoes. YUM!
The views from the deck of Nepenthe are amazing! It sits about 800ft above sea level and it literally drops right to the ocean from the deck. This was the sunset from last night.

Pacific Sunset!

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