Monday, May 19, 2008

A Fenway Frank-in good time.

Sometimes you have to just splurge! Steph and I bought some tickets for last Saturday's Red Sox game against the Milwaukee Brewers. We bought them from that morning and saved about $20 bucks from the previous nights prices. We found Stubhub's office a couple of blocks from Fenway....with only minor driving frustration. Our seats were excellent! We were in the Outfield Grandstand along the third base line. The last couple of times we have been to a game, we were in the bleachers way back in the outfield. It is worth the extra money for a better seat. We were able to witness Big Pappi's 2nd inning home run into the Green Monster. The ball looked like it was in slow motion... Dice K was pitching and he was on fire! Now after that game, he's 7-0 on the season.

Our Grand View!

Dice K !

The view of the Monster from my seat!

The best part is, I get to go back to Fenway in about two weeks. Steph bought me tickets for my birthday and now she can't make it. So I am going with my sister Kathy who is a faithful member of Red Sox Nation. She has never been to a game, so I am excited to go with her...It's going to be a blast! They will be playing the Seattle Mariners for a night game.

The Closer- Jonathan Papelbon shuts' em down!

Just after the above photo was taken and on this very pitch, Milwaukee Brewer Brian Braun hit a home run. It gave them another run but, Papelbon quickly closed the doors. Steph had a Fenway Frank, breaking her no meat rule....It's Fenway! She said. I went with the greasy cheeseburger, Yum!

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