Friday, May 9, 2008

Grinding through, shifting gears.....

Some days I wake up and it's a struggle to go to work...I am sure I'm not alone in thinking that I'd rather play a little more and balance things out a bit....3 Day weekends should be the norm. Today was one of those days...It's Friday, fair weather outside, stuff to get done around the house, bikes to ride, not much desire to go to the paid job. Oh wait, today is pay day...I've got to go in!!!

I am not complaining at all. The time has passed pretty quickly compared to some weeks....Wednesday, James (my employer) and I hit Mt. Aggie for some Mountain Bike riding. We labeled it as "product testing" which is no fairy tale. I mentioned before we are testing some VDO computers that will be released in June. Back to the ride... we met at Mt. A for 9:30 am.
We planned to ride the mountain side to get some good data on our computers to track altitude, mileage, heart rate..etc. This ride kicked my ASS! We went up and down and all around the little peaks of this area. The trails were nice and dry for the most part. I think we rode for about 3.5 hours with a couple of little breaks. The BLACK Flies were horrendous, Buzzing, Biting, Annoying....But the work, most enjoyable!

Today, I finally motivated myself to ride my bike to work. What a good decision to actually follow through with. It took me about 52 minutes and 14.87 miles. It was a glorious way to begin the day. I keep thinking what a perfect way to get my miles up and training progressing in the right direction....Training for what I am not sure just yet. Plus, not to mention, the gas I saved in just this one day....If I can keep it up at least a couple of days a week, it will be great for my legs and wallet. The ride home was great also. I thought it was going to rain but, it did not. My mileage home was a bit less since I took a slightly different route. I ended up with 13.42 miles.
The Weekend is here!

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