Sunday, May 18, 2008

Quality Time

The time is drawing to a close....The time we have to go back to work....Monday morning. I say we, I mean Steph and I. We are winding down an extra day attached to our weekend! Last week we were planning to go to Acadia but, the weather was looking like rain near the down east coast while staying dry and sunny in the White Mountains. So we brewed some coffee, ate breakfast and drove north. We parked the car at Cathedral Ledge in North Conway and rode our bikes on West Side road to Rt 302. We had planned a nice long bike ride! It's been two years since Steph and I have actually done a road ride together in the mountains...Two years too long! 10 miles in and warmed up for the climbing ahead up Bear Notch road, we stopped quickly for a top off on our water bottles at the appropriately named Bear Notch Deli. Steph is now riding on her fancy new Modolo Venus KX womens carbonfiber handle bars (just thought I'd start work early and get that plug in!) We've climbed this one together before and I have to say I don't think it's that hard. It's a nice steady climb, but not terribly steep. One nice thing about riding this time of year is the lack of vehicle traffic. It was nice to be back in the mountains, warm, not cold, and on the bike.

A nice view of Mt. Washington from the South near the top of Bear Notch.

The descent down Bear Notch to the Kancamagus Highway is always a nice reward for the effort! I think I hit about 39 MPH, with Steph right behind me...We decided to extend the ride since we were both feeling good and just loving the weather and the scenery. We talked about this tonight...This season, for what ever reason, no matter what we do on the bike, road or mountain, it is all quality with less focus on quantity. The last couple of seasons, I have not wanted to do less that 20/30 miles at a time...I selfishly always wanted more miles. This ride was no exception to our focus.....pure quality! Our extension of the ride was to climb up the Kanc to the top of the pass and then we would turn around and fly back down (wide eyes) to North Conway via the Covered Bridge and Passaconaway Road. The climb up the Kanc was incredible. From Bear Notch road it's about 3 or 4 miles of pretty flat terrain, then the road turns up hill steep and steady for about 4 more miles to the top of the pass. We cranked it out in fine style! The smells of spring and the new growth off the side of the road and in the woods was refreshing. The leaves are just popping out of the buds at 2800ft above sea level while here on the coast they trees are nearly full!

We ended up with 58 miles and 3500 feet of climbing in almost 4.5 hours. Our average was a mellow 14 mph! Good times! We were both pretty worked from the ride so we stopped in at Flatbread for Pizza and salad. The perfect nourishment for our souls!

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