Thursday, July 10, 2008


Kayaking Little Harbor New Castle, NH

Summer is here, the 4th of July is past and half of 2008 is over. For some, I am sure time flies by, for others it seems to stand still as the world goes round. For me, time seems to go by quickly in some respects and then crawl along ever so slowly at other times. The last month has gone by pretty quick and I have logged on here to post a few times and just as quickly logged out and put it off. Feeling funky I suppose? I have been doing some commuting to work lately, that coupled with a few longish rides with Steph on the weekends and the mileage is increasing. I am up to 850 miles for the season, down signicantly from the past few years. About 120 of this years miles are on the mountain bike which has been a blast this season. I have hit the trails with the usual suspects at Mt. A the last couple of weeks. Sometimes after those rides, I climb up the auto road to the summit. The most I have done was four climbs one night after riding 10+ miles on the trails. Last week was absolutetly amazing, it was warm and humid just 400 feet below but, on top the breeze off the ocean was a nice treat! I was good with just one climb up though. On the topic of bike riding, I am planning to mark my 1000th mile this season on the road bike while on a solo century up in the White Mountains. I am not sure of the route I will take just yet but, it will be a good write up when it happens.

Steph and I had a pretty chillaxing 4th of July weekend...Chillaxing you ask? Yeah, Thanks J-Roy...This one is a hit! It's a hybrid of chilling and relaxing...Chilla
xing! We partied with the Roy family and friends of Jason and Diane's at her place on Range Pond on Friday the 3rd. We brought our Kayaks and got to sit in the boats for a couple of hours. I find great peace in sitting on the water in my boat. (Note to self, make more time to paddle.) We saw a HUGE snapping turtle, the shell had to be about two and a half feet in diameter. I am glad I decided to pop my toes back in the boat as I saw something ahead pop it's head above the surface. We watched him swimming under water for a little bit....Pretty cool! Turtles are famous for moving on land pretty slowly, like a dreaded day of work, but man can these guys swim fast! Trying to keep up with Jimmy Roy, I also had a few "pops" (hard lemonade) and caught a pretty good buzz....Just what I needed! We had a great meal with a big salad, BBQ and some fantastic sides including Steph's bean salad. It was nice to hang out with friends and see some I have not seen in a while.

Saturday we did a nice 44 mile bike ride up along the coast to the Nubble Lighthouse in York. York beach was CRAZY! We passed a ton of cars cruising the beach. Then we headed inland and climbed up Aggie. I attacked the climb hard and then limped home on little water and food left. It was a great ride though. The Portsmouth fire works got postponed to Saturday night so we broke tradition of riding our old 3 speed bikes down town and did a walk at Ft. Foster in Kittery to watch them from the other side of Portsmouth Harbor....We had the place near to ourselves with the exception of some nasty mosquitoes. The fire works were great and no big crowds, even better! Sunday, Steph suggested we paddle in little harbor near the big historic Went worth Hotel and Marina. A good call it was, the water was cold and the air warm. We ventured onto the open Ocean at an attempt of a circumnavigation of the Island but, it was very choppy, so we played it safe and stayed in the shelter and relative calm of the harbor. There was a fair amount of motor boat traffic. One thing I noticed was, there were a lot of boats anchored in harbor and people just enjoying the weather. Something tells me the price of fuel was part of the reason.

I wonder how much Fuel it takes to fill this one up?