Saturday, August 2, 2008

5 Remain...

Left to Right, Roland Fortin, Erik Michel, Luke Gosselin, Tom Cavanaugh and myself.

5 life long friends who remain distant in miles and daily lives but, forever close in connection and spirit of life experiences. Ode to you guys....I was humbled to be in your presence over the last couple of weeks. Thanks for the laughs and stories of the good old days.

We hung out over a couple of days time
at Luke's house in Northfield Maine, ten miles north of Machias. Luke lives on Fulton Lake, amidst blueberry fields and amazing wildlife. A Master Maine Guide, Luke is well on his way to a great life with his wife Ann and two cats Alex and Darby. You guys have an amazing place...I anxiously await another trip up your way! The serenity of some of the quiet spots in Maine bring peace of mind and nourishment for your soul. There is plenty of soul nourishing going on in Northfield Maine, that is for sure!

Erik, a Welder by trade, lives in Sabattus, Maine with his wife Misty and their three kids, Taylor, Logan and Jacob. Seeing him interact with his kids was pretty cool! You can tell they really love their dad as he loves them. Erik would probably jump on any climb 5.10 or up right off the couch and probably get her done in fine style! A Big Bass fisherman also, he gets a lunker a couple of times a year.

Roland lives in Lafayette, Colorado with his wife Maria. He works at one of the biggest Mountaineering shops in the US, Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder, CO. He has been working for Neptune's for about 11 years in multiple capacities. Roland lives life to the Max, with many golden opportunities to recreate right out of his back yard. A Rocky Mountain High for sure!

Tommy C lives in Richmond, Maine with his daughter Corrine and is a long time employee of L.L.Bean. Currently Tom works in Creative, working with a large team on photo shoots for L.L. Bean's catalogs. If you see a prop set in a camping shot, most likely Tom set up the tent, started the fire and probably got to eat some of the smores. Famous one liners from Tom, "One climb and I'm good to go" Even after driving six hours to get to your destination! Tom is probably one of the funniest people I know, your sure to cry from la
ughter when ever he's around.

Your learning or already know all about me so I'll keep quiet on that front. Though, I will say this. I am fortunate in my life to have many friends who continue to change my life and I love all you guys. These 4 friends however, will always have a special place in my mind and heart. The life changing experiences gained and reaped with this crew while on the coldest ice climbs on Mt. Washington, to the steepest rock faces of North Conway, to all the lofty summits of New England, even to the pits of Lewiston back in our teens...I owe a lot of thanks to you guys for helping me through some critical changes in life, even to this very day.

Someday, as a group, we will be united with our friend Pete, sadly number 6 of this wild bunch. RIP my brother, we all know you were with us in spirit during our recent gathering.

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