Thursday, September 25, 2008

Interbike begins

Phil Liggett- a Legend, an Icon, a great soul.

So Day 2 of the 2008 Interbike show is well underway and as I sit and type this, Bike folks of all types file through the aisles. Many have a "glazed" look on their faces as they move from one both to the next checking out all the latest bike gear, clothing, bicycles, and other stuff. This is the place to be if your in the Bike industry. Once a year bike people of all personalities converge on Las Vegas, probably one weirdest places to have a "bike show" in my humble opinion. More seriously, it does have all the facilities for just such an event with plenty of nightlife to last a lifetime.

We arrived on Monday after a tedious journey. First we circled JFK in New York as VIP's were whisked in and whisked out safely under the close watch of security details. The pilot mentioned President Bush was the reason they kept us up in the air. We made our connection without issue. We were able to meet up with our counterpart Petra (from VDO-Germany) at the airport and all hopped a cab to our respective hotels, her The Mirage, us the The Treasure Island. Checked in, dinner and nighty night.

Tuesday we set up our booth and then ventured out for dinner at Trader Vics in the Aladdin Casino. We walked back to our hotel taking in the Fountain Show at the Bellagio. We even saw a Michael Jackson impersonator who looked JUST like the freak....WEIRD!

Day one was a whirl wind....People trying to get our attention relentlessly (in a good way). I have been fortunate to meet many people from the industry over the years and probably the highlight was meeting Phil Liggett yesterday. He was speaking with James my colleague and I noticed him and got wobbly struck, I asked him for a photo and he so politely accepted my request. I told him how much I enjoy listening to his Tour De France commentary over the years. Meeting him was truly an Awesome experience. We had a great day on the booth meeting and greeting with our dealers and prospective dealers. It was nice to put a face with some of the voices I hear on the phone on a day to day basis. Petra, James and I all had a craving for Sushi last night so we went out to SushiSamba a restaurant at the new Palazzo Hotel. The Sushi was INCREDIBLE! Out of my "BOX" I tried some new rolls, my lovely wife would be proud and would have been in Sushi Heaven if she were with with me. (Some day sweetie!) After dinner we went to the Lamborghini dealer in the hotel. The $10 admission fee was well worth it for having never seen one in person. My favorite car cost only a cool 2.5 million dollars...YES 2.5 Mil!!! When the lady told me that my jaw hit the floor. The average price of some of the other cars was $250 thousand. A drop in the bucket! She did tell us that the $10 admission fee could have been applied to the purchase price of any car of our choice plus, we would get a FREE Lasagna!!

..Back to work, more to come!


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