Thursday, September 18, 2008

Slither and Slide through Life

"God damn-it Harry" I am sure were the first words out of Steph's mouth this morning when she discovered Harry had injured a Garter Snake in the garden. She woke me up just before leaving for work saying " Are you getting up soon, I have to leave" "Oh and by the way, I have a Snake under warm towels that Harry tried to kill. Can you take him to The Center For Wildlife on your way to work"? I admit, I was not thrilled at all about handling a snake and the thought of the whole process of driving out of my way and dealing with it just made me grumpy. Selfishly, this was my first reaction. I had just been woken out of a deep sleep....But, as I poured my coffee I began to realize, Steph will never cease to amaze me with her love for nature and wildlife. Most people would have just let the Snake die or let their Cat finish it off. It's not Harry's fault, it is part of his nature to catch critters, mice or snakes, Harry does not discriminate. I began to think....There is a chance this little guy can be saved and rehabilitated and released and I could not just go to work while the little snake died in our garage.

We have been through this before, many times. Steph picked me up at Logan Airport back in 1999 (when we were just dating). I had taken a trip to Colorado with some friends for some skiing and climbing. She said "Oh hey welcome home" and all that, here is a kiss and a hug, "By the way, we have to rescue a Sea Gull in the middle of I-95 that I saw on my way down here, he looked injured with a possible broken wing". I was thinking the whole way up from Logan, How is this going to go down? Were going to pull over into the median and rescue a Sea Gull? This woman has to be out of her mind? At the same time, I was humbled by her willingness to put her life in danger by jumping out of her car on a very busy highway to save this bird who many refer to as a rat with wings. Well she did just that, she knew exactly where he was on the highway and without a care but for this gull, she pulled into the median and quickly said "get in the drivers seat and get ready to drive". She hoped out, grabbed the gull, ran around the car and got into the passengers seat and said "go, lets go, oh and don't look at him he can peck your eyes out. Anyway, we saved this gull we so appropriately named "Denver" and he was released from The Center for Wildlife after his wing was repaired. The good folks who volunteer their time at the CFW saved him and now he probably scans the beach for crabs or french fries at the local Mickey D's.

I am not sure of the status of the little snake as I sit and write this blog but, I am happy knowing I have someone as compassionate and caring as Steph in my life who has taught me to give back to nature by trying to help in times of need. I am happy I made the minimal effort to try to help this little snake. He is a small spec of life in this large world. Sometimes it's the little things in life that matter most.

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