Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To be American...

To be American...To be American today I am proud. To be part of the historic Presidential Election of 2008 and to move forward with Barack Obama I am so very proud. The People of the United States have spoken for change, change we need desperately! Our World image is shattered under a Failed Self Righteous Republican Presidential Administration lead by George W. Bush. Barak Obama has the intellect, professionalism and power to persevere and extend a hand to our advoceries, putting diplomacy first. I dream of World Peace!

I believe Barak Obama will do many good things for this great country of ours. It won't be easy I am sure of that but, I firmly believe he will put our best interests with regard to the Environment, Economy, World Image, Health Care and Equality for all Americans to the top of the list.

I am humbled by John McCain's concession speech calling for uniting behind our President Elect and only hope his words will be followed by actions of moving forward and putting his country and people of, first. Forget the partisan stalling and waste of taxpayer money. Get the work done and lets all prosper and take care of each other.

To be American...Today I am Proud!

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