Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ice Storm 2008

Life in Maine....Were tough here right? The transformer across the street blowing up, woke me from a deep sleep at 2:30 am on Friday Morning. Boom, Boom, Boom, as a few more popped off...Time to go to work I thought. Being the caretakers of our little humble cottage as well as, our friends and former neighbors house now that they live in North Carolina. I knew with no power and LOTS of rain water coming down and on the ground already, that I had to get the generator running and sump pumps hooked up to power. Our new neighbors renting the house next door were not home, so it made it easy to bust into the house at an early hour and run the extension cords from both pumps out to the generator. I was a bit hesitant about getting a LOUD generator going so early but, I had little choice. My second priority was to move our cars closer to the garage since we usually park under a very large tree in our front yard. The sound of trees cracking echoed up and down the street, partially drowned out by the sound of heavy rain falling. I ran for cover into the garage several times, wondering if I was in the line of fire of the loud cracks and crash sounds all around. I witnessed several very large branches fall from the tree out front and rip down our power line from our house to the telephone pole along with the cable for our TV/ Internet. After that and now a bit pumped up, I ran inside telling Steph (who had laid down for a little more sleep...) "Its time to get up" - "I know" she said. "A tree just fell on the house". Which is actually exactly what it must have sounded like from the inside? It was pretty intense at this point, roughly five AM. We almost thought we should move our cats over to the neighbors house, but we waited it out. We kept up a pretty intense schedule as the morning went on of running the generator every half hour to drain the sump-pump wells from both houses.

The Carnage showing our power line ripped from the house.

Stationed at the generator.

As Friday went on, we learned of the devastation all around, well over half a million people without power between New Hampshire and Maine. We actually were looking pretty good considering that news, we had got our camping gear out and made coffee on the little MSR stove, we got our coolers out and cleaned out the fridge (anticipating the long haul without power). More importantly I guess, we had and still have heat. We run on propane so our heat source continues to work, the fan that circulates the hot air is electric but, were staying warm just fine.

I ventured out around noon to get gas for the generator and ice for the coolers. Long lines both in and out of the store. I waited in line for about 10 minutes, only to be told they were out of ice...
Steph went out later in the day to try and get some Christmas shopping started as well as a pile of candles. While she was out, the power came on....well for everyone else around us. This was good news in some way, it meant that I could stop running the generator and plug our sump pump in from the garage since that is wired to the main house here, and the Humphrey's house would be self sufficient again. We had tried to make this a positive situation by thinking we could get sushi take out for dinner. Any excuse we need to use is just fine, but to no avail...SAKE was closed, as were half the businesses and restaurants around the Portsmouth and Kittery area. Frustrated and tired from working all day around the flooded casas, we decided to head home and
cook some veggie burgers and combine that with chips and salsa....Wow, some of the finest veggie burgers I have ever had....or at least in a long time.

Here I am cooking some dinner up, sitting in Harry's basket, being kept company by his friends.

As I write now, Sunday Three PM. Our power is still out! We are the only house on the street down and apparently according to what the local news paper is reporting, the only house in Eliot, Maine. They list the towns locally that are without power and how many customers...They don't even list anyone in Eliot so we must be the only ones and well below the radar. I am running on someone's internet connection and we have been getting by charging our computers next door and keeping the house lit at night with candles and our Exposure Lights. We actually had our Sushi meal last night with Tom our neighbor, who insisted we stay with him, but we stayed home since we're warm. As the day wears on, I don't see us getting hooked up until tomorrow or later. We are planning to eat Flatbread pizza and salad for dinner but, mostly for the brownie sundae desert!

Exposure Lights MaXx D...keeping the house lit up.

We've actually been making the best of our "down time". Cleaning the house and going through some stuff in storage. But honestly, it's getting old quick.

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The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

We lost our power for about a day and a half. With two little ones under 2 this was a struggle in and of itself. Was just about ready to head to the Best Western when the lights came on!

Your cooking photo reminds me of warming up baby bottles on my Whisperlite! LOL!

Happy New Year!