Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter Bike

The 1FG on Folley Pond

Welcome! Welcome the outdoor bicycle riding season of 2009! I love winter as much as Frosty the Snowman, but this one has been brutal! I've kept in touch with a friend I mountain bike with during the other three seasons, and he and the regular suspects have been cross country skiing and snowshoeing all winter since the trails have been locked up with deep snow, good on them! I just haven't been into heading out on a COLD Wednesday night for anything except to get home from work and hang out, which can be just as fun! The weather has warmed and we recently had a nice February thaw, that with cold nights and Todd mentioning that the snowmobiles have been out on the trails at Aggie, also that Sunday morning's ride was "MINT"! That is pretty much all I needed to hear. I have been riding the rollers inside a couple days a week since Jan 1 and that has added up to 100+ miles, so I have been able to maintain fitness despite the down time this winter. I headed out on the trails Tuesday morning, going down toward Folley pond from the orange gate, it was fast, the trail down steep drop was incredible! Super tacky with the studded tires and very well packed snow, no rocks, roots and terrain negotiation. Whipping through the turns and berms lower down, I carried good speed into the climb up to the pond. This one is tough on dirt, especially with the single speed! I had no problems climbing up the snowmo trail standing on the pedals and pushing hard. Arriving at the pond, the glare ice was so magnetic, just luring me to ride it! It looked super thick and safe.

Mount Agamenticus- looking back up the pond

I rode all the way to the middle dam, exploring the coves and looking at rock ledges along the way. At the dam, I jumped onto lower folly pond, thinking I would just ride the trails back to the start. The ponds add up to about 4.5 miles of riding. The ice on the ponds was fun, but the trails were also an icy blast. I was just pumping out the miles and I felt so happy to be on the bike, outside, and in the woods. Along the way, I was stopped dead in my track by this beer can in the middle of the first thought as I pulled my brakes was, I have to pack that out, which I'd be happy to do, but then I saw this glove in a tree nearby!

For some reason I thought the following- Who ever it was that dropped the can could possibly be missing a glove and something tells me they frequent the I thought further...looks like a pretty nice glove to me, maybe they'll be on the look see next time they are out, you would have to be blind to miss it going by. Plus, the beer that was in the can may have been the cause for the lost glove.

So then I did this-

In my mind this was the right thing to do, If nothing else it will make someone laugh and will be a good trail junction marker. Let me know if you find it.

The riding was so good Tuesday morning and 10 miles wasn't enough, so I ventured out again Wednesday AM. Heading down steep drop again and getting onto Folley pond, I rode that to the end and jumped on the trails...I got seriously lost and my planned 1.5 hour ride turned into a thirteen mile, three hour suffer fest...23 miles off road in two days, I am a happy cyclist!

I have been playing around with IMovie on my Mac Book and while out on my ride, I took some video footage....It is amateur level at best, but it is work in progress and at the least, it gives you a good idea of what fun I had. It was quite a challenge holding the camera in one hand and riding the trails...sorry for the shaky action in some spots.

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