Sunday, April 19, 2009

East meets West

Greetings from a sunny and HOT Monterey, California!!

I am here for work (it's real tough) for the 2009 Sea Otter Classic. This year is our "reward" year, the last two years that we have been here, we have endured all kinds of weather, torrential rain, Mt. Washington style winds, and cold, cold, temperatures. The weather has been absolutely incredible this year and I am not complaining, other than the bike jersey sunburn on my arms from gloves to sleeve and on the back of my legs. Dummy I was
, and did not wear sun screen on my ride....speaking of which, I rode the Cross Country course on Friday and it was a BLAST, 19 miles of pushing myself HARD! I knew I wouldn't get much else in for a work out, so I red lined it as much as I could without keeling over and puking. The trails were in great shape, a bit dusty, but that is to be expected here in this climate, at least this year.

Me trying to catch my breath after pushing hard on the MTB course

This years event has been very successful from a business stand point. We had Matt Pococha stop by the booth on Friday for an Exposure Lights presentation. Yesterday we had James Huang from stop by for the Exposure presentation. The legendary Dave Wiens came by for a chat with James, and I even spotted James talking with Craig Calfee. He knows all the VIP's. Speaking of legends, I ventured over to the Giant Booth to say Hi to Tara Llanes and also chatted with her for a bit. I also bought one of her hoodie sweatshirts for Steph (surprise spoiled). Tara was kind enough allow a photo with me. She is such an incredibly nice person and an inspiration to so many people, me included...If you think your life is tough, consider being handicapped and then re-consider your troubles. Tara takes on this daily challenge with an amazing positive attitude.

Tara and I.
I am now siting at San Francisco International awaiting my flight back to Boston (GO SOX!) and I am anxious to get home to the family. I am always a rack of nerves checking in, going through security...and today was no different, sweats, shakes, but I am fine now, belly is full and I'm about to board. I'll just add a couple photos from our sunset ride on 17 mile drive last evening...I'll follow up with a blog about the ASS at the Highway 1 gate of 17 Mile Drive later.

The Lone Cypress.

Sunset from 17 Mile Drive

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