Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A few observations of Spring

Baseball is here, Go Sox!

My ice tools are still on my pack along with all my Winter gear....I keep hearing mountain calls to climb one more time, but I am done. Expanding on this, I had a good year, managing to get out a measly seven times. All good climbs, but the first outing on Mt. Lincoln, in the throat, was amazing and the last time Soloing Central Gully on Washington just a couple of weeks ago, was just fantastic as well.

I have never raked grass in March until last week, I managed a couple of sessions of yard work. It is great smelling the dirt and earth as you uncover winter's blast. The earth worms are also very busy in the compost pile!

Bike riding is coming along nicely. I have several goals I am working on, trying to climb lots of hills on the roadie, along with doing the Mt. Washington Hill Climb in August. I will be happy to compete in the actual race and hopefully beat my personal time to date (practice ride 06') of 1hr 33 min. A few century rides planned coming this season starting early May and again around Memorial Day hopefully. It is light until almost eight o'clock now which is nice, I can actually get a good ride in after work.

That's all.....I love winter, love to see it come and GO!

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