Sunday, December 26, 2010

One Hundred and Ten Percent

Sharing one of my finest moments on the sharp end while climbing frozen water. Everything about this picture brings me great joy.  The preparation, both mental and physical to get to this day was intense and it took a long time.  I'm working on getting back to that level.  In the thirteen years since this photo was taken, I've only worked on maintaining consistency with my climbing ability.  Always climbing for fun and barely breaking the difficulty threshold. It's time to move beyond that and get back on steeper ice. Nearly three years after the storm came in, I feel more determined and mentally prepared than ever to accomplish some new goals in the mountains.  Looking at this picture allows me to get in that 'zen' mode.  I can visually work out every move I did on this day, March, 23, 1997.  The mental game while climbing ice is 90% of the battle and I'm adding in another twenty percent physical for nice even 110.