Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eagle Eye Vision

Just spent a great day fishing with friends on Lower Range Pond.  Well, they fished, I just hung out in the sun.  I took the above photo, which I dedicate to David, Luisa and Bobby Jo.  Left to right, a peace sign, a read between the lines, and a sarcastic thumbs up.  After a long year away, Myself, Brothers Roy and Pop Roy reunited together again with nothing to stop future gatherings. 

The Boys were busy chasing flags. After a slow season, I'd like to think it was merely my energy and presence that brought them such good luck.  Jim was first, pulling out a large Bass, then J-Roy with a Brown trout. A few stolen bait later, it was Pops turn. A nice Rainbow Trout which was the only fish not tossed back into the respective holes. 

We had seen one of the resident Eagles who graced us with a fly by earlier in the morning, then again in the afternoon, flying directly over our base camp with nothing but a pure ulterior motive, taking stock of the Rainbow Trout being chilled in the snow. With little thought a few minutes later, Jason grabbed the trout and started walking a hundred feet or so on the ice away from base camp, he tossed out the fish for the Eagles.  Little did we know, but another Eagle had seen him grab the fish and before he was able to get half way back to us the Eagle was hovering over J-Roy's head, as if to thank him in some way, then he swooped down, grabbed it and flew back toward the nest. What a beautiful gift to witness such nature in action!

The hover!

The Swoop!

Thanks for the great day guys!

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