Saturday, December 31, 2011

Twenty Eleven Revisited

I'm sitting here at home sipping my morning roast, french in flavor, and precisely pressed to perfection. It's a morning ritual to many, for all a different time block of one's day, but for me, today, on this last day of the calendar year, I reflect on all the events in the last twelve months that have kept me alive. My deeper thought into the word alive is how I relate it with the spirit of adventure and recreation. I climb, ride, or hike to satisfy a compulsion to be active, near obsession (biking) levels at times. Where am I going with this, I'm really not that sure other than I feel pretty fortunate to be able to enjoy the things I do, as there are folks near and far who have many life hurdles and challenges.

So I share a few moments of life adventure in the last 364 days.

Winter Expedition into Baxter State Park, Jan 2011
Summer Expedition to the North Maine Woods- here at the Allagash Lake Waterway Gate

June vacation to Bar Harbor- Cadillac Mountain sunset

Fall mountain bike trip to the Magical West- Joe's Ridge, Fruita, CO

Steph at Warner Lake, Moab UT - Mid Whole Enchilada Epic ride

Rocky Mountain High
That's a nutshell look back to 2011 for you. 
Be good to yourselves, be good to others. Peace and Prosperity to all in Twenty Twelve.