Saturday, December 31, 2011

Twenty Eleven Revisited

I'm sitting here at home sipping my morning roast, french in flavor, and precisely pressed to perfection. It's a morning ritual to many, for all a different time block of one's day, but for me, today, on this last day of the calendar year, I reflect on all the events in the last twelve months that have kept me alive. My deeper thought into the word alive is how I relate it with the spirit of adventure and recreation. I climb, ride, or hike to satisfy a compulsion to be active, near obsession (biking) levels at times. Where am I going with this, I'm really not that sure other than I feel pretty fortunate to be able to enjoy the things I do, as there are folks near and far who have many life hurdles and challenges.

So I share a few moments of life adventure in the last 364 days.

Winter Expedition into Baxter State Park, Jan 2011
Summer Expedition to the North Maine Woods- here at the Allagash Lake Waterway Gate

June vacation to Bar Harbor- Cadillac Mountain sunset

Fall mountain bike trip to the Magical West- Joe's Ridge, Fruita, CO

Steph at Warner Lake, Moab UT - Mid Whole Enchilada Epic ride

Rocky Mountain High
That's a nutshell look back to 2011 for you. 
Be good to yourselves, be good to others. Peace and Prosperity to all in Twenty Twelve.

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Brian said...

Whata fortunate life you have! Full of amazing adventures, awesome experiences, a wonderfull wife, great place to live, cool job, good health, what more could anyone possibly ask for? The best part is you know how lucky you are and share your happiness with your friends. Ride on Bro, you area great person, friend, and inspiration! I hope 2012 is even better!