Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anxiously Confident - Eleven days before the Mount Washington Hill Climb

Looking down from mile 7 on the Mount Washington auto road
Just a little over a week to go before the big climb. Having put many miles on the bikes this year, I'm as ready as I could be, with only a few more training spikes before a nice taper. Anxious I am, my mind wandering about while I try to maintain confidence and strength.

As I reflect on amazing times spent in the mountains with good friends, I come to realize that among all the character building challenges I've put my mind and body through, or those that have been put in front of me from outside sources, there really is no challenge too big or too difficult that one can not tackle with those two things in mind, confidence and strength. Training myself to keep on track of that thought is challenging and rewarding all at once.

I can't predict how I'll feel or what the weather will be on race day, but I'm strong physically and mentally, completely focused on the task at hand. Regardless of whether or not I make my time goal on the hill, the pain and suffering I will feel is exactly the relief I need to continue on this amazing, ever evolving path called life.

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