Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Cycle and Circle of Life

Interesting thoughts at the moment, seems I've just witnessed life in so many ways. Was it the lights of Vegas? The hundreds of bicycle wheels and bicycle minds meeting in one gigantic room? The smell of smoky, potentially cancer filled casinos? Ding, Ding, Ding! Keno!

Naw, give and take I say.

More to the slightly long or short, thought filled point...

Eternal Life? Maybe...Evolution while in revolution? I like ice cream.

You see there's this Black and Yellow Garden Spider or more scientifically known as Argiope aurantia. This poor little beauty passed on today, but not before making a special appearance, even if it was in the face of death. My point may be lost entirely, but for the last several summers we've had one of these incredible spiders in our small flower garden. It was as amazing as it was creepy to see. Admittedly, I am not a fan of spiders or snakes for that matter, but I can appreciate the beauty of such a creature while being completely fascinated by them and their existence. This summer though, Stef and I hadn't seen one return to the garden and we might have even expressed some sadness with the lack of such a pleasurable and interesting view of nature. Last night as I was opening the barn door, literally within inches of my head, in the dark, I saw her, she was slender, long legged and looking beautiful. I ran to Stef inside and rushed her outside. Stef was happy, creeped out, and impressed all at once to see our spider friend of various generations make a return to us. I suppose it's possible she could have been around all season, yet we hadn't seen her. Makes you wonder what you're missing on so many different levels without some reflection.

Kindness and Proper Respect...

I found her this morning, motionless and webbed up against the bottom of the barn door. A place I couldn't allow her to remain. She was here for a few months or less and weathered the earth, such a short but incredibly vast life. Maybe there is life bigger and far beyond what we consider it to be?

I found a stick outside and butter tub out of the recycle bin and gently moved her into the plastic tub (at a stick's distance!) then I quietly brought her directly to the area we've had her family members reside over the years. Intent? My intent was to protect her and allow her to litter the garden with her spirit, or become nutrition for some little critter, either way it seemed a more life enriching way to continue to eternal life. She gave, I took, I gave, she took.

What am I talking about? I'm not really sure if you can get it, you'll have to determine if there is a lesson for you or if I'm blabbering on about nothing (to you). I see things in a different light than some.

She remained in these luscious greens all day long, though she had pretty much faded in color significantly over the course of 8 hours while I was away. I'm forever learning about the cycles of and circles or life. It's what you give and take from it. Seems we may have evolved to remain eternally.