Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life in a Bubble

Reality is, we live in a bubble. No matter what you do in life, we're always at risk. We drive in cars with a lot of unique people on the roads, we might ride a motorcycle, bike, snowmobile, we might climb mountains or fly in planes. Financial risk? Maybe some of us travel to a foreign countries. It's just a start of the risk list. There is risk with everything we do. 

Seriously, think about it. Apply your life here.

For us, we have traveled miles and miles of roads or trail on bicycles, 55 mph descents by bike on Middlebury Gap in Vermont, no problem. One thousand foot cliffs of rock or ice? Yeah, I've been in a few of the spots and the view is better than from the bottom. 

Sometimes you head out on a bike ride and almost eat shit in a real technical section, or you do eat it and bounce up relatively unscathed, but other days you nail a spot of difficulty with absolute precision. How gratifying is that! Outside, you smell the flora in the air, see wildlife or beautiful vistas. Life is an adventure. Play safe, ride hard, live, love, be free.

Bubble mending in process. Send good energy. Remember Killington and the broken leg? The things you do in a time of one's need is really what it's all about.

Not sure what all this means, but that really felt good to get out.

Stephanie Jacques, Acadia National Park, Oct 6, 2013