Wednesday, January 18, 2017

In memory of a once in a lifetime friend ~ November 10, 1968 - January 18, 2008

Pete Roux second climbing on "Gambit" in Eldorado Canyon, Colorado.
Photo courtesy of Roland Fortin.

If the Old Boy could see us now. What would he say? As the years have gone by, the tidal sadness of losing a great friend ebbs and flows on a regular basis in my world. It's certainly been a cause of much PTSD and anxiety at times when I get too deep in thought or have those visions of him getting plucked off the mountain after his fateful last climb. I have come to control this over the years and can keep it in check for the most part and maybe, this year, on this day, I may be in the best spot of life than I have been in many years in terms of dealing with these emotions. Lots of good things going on. Look at Pete's face in this picture. Look how pumped he was to be on this climb. Lots of life's lessons were learned with friends in the mountains and on the rock and ice cliffs. Today I celebrate the life in Pete Roux's years on this earth. Thanks, Pete, for being a once in a lifetime friend.